"The music’s playing, the notes are right
Put your left foot first and move into the light.
The edge of this hill is the edge of the world
And if you’re going to cross you better start doing it right
Better start doing it right.

Let the dance begin.”

— ‘Dance on a Volcano’, Genesis

"At last… I understand the meaning behind what you did.
At last… I understand the truth behind your courage.”

— Big Boss

Another Saturday morning lie-in…

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[MP3 - ‘Opium Trail’ - ‘Bad Reputation’ Remastered, Thin Lizzy.

"It clears all pain
But your soul is claimed again, my love
You feel the need but it lets you bleed
You must concede, my love

No one to blame, no shame
You crave again and again, my love
No use to plead
From you it feeds your greed
My love